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This page includes a listing of all curently scheduled courses offered through Awareness Analytics.  You can use the 'Select Category' drop menu below to sort by and view specific courses within a particular discipline or topic.  Discounts are available for group registrations of two or more persons.  Click the 'Details' button for a specific course to find out more about the course and costs to attend.

**NOTE: If there is a class you'd like to take that is not currently scheduled or a subject you'd like to learn more about, please let us know!  Not all classes are publicly advertised and some classes are awaiting the minimum number of students.  There may be opportunities for participation either in these unlisted classes, for special creation of a class, or for private training.


Private Training Session

01-01-2024 - 12-31-2024
$87.50/hr per instructor
Private Training Session Private Training sessions are an excellent opportunity for getting individualized instruction in various topics without the pressure of a classroom setting or performing in front of others.  You tell us what you'd like to learn or what skills you'd like to improve upon and we'll take care of the rest.

Awareness Analytics is all about empowerment.  We provide firearm training, continuing education, and simulator experiences to any eligible person regardless of background or political view.  From classroom theory to hands-on... If you're serious about wanting to learn, we're serious about helping you do it.

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