There usually comes a point where you simply want... more.

For those individuals who are serious about learning, Awareness Analytics offers extended versions of select NRA certified classes which cover all of the standard stuff PLUS bonus modules & information as well as hands-on demonstrations and practical excercises.

The purpose can be two-fold.  On the one hand, the extended, class contact time allows for greater depth and conversation surrounding the subject matter.  And on the other hand, it provides a level of experiential learning that just isn't possible within the confines of a standardized curriculum.

And contrary to what you might expect, there's no added pressure other than what you apply to yourself.  The enhanced training classes can be whatever YOU need them to be - whether that's simply additional time to solidify the fundamentals, an introduction to advanced concepts, or even receiving feedback for use in competitive events.  We're here for YOU!

Enhanced class subjects include:
 • Handling & Test Firing of various firearms
 • Review of concealment methods
 • Concealment holster clinic
 • Live-fire tactical scenarios
 • Fundamentals of Realistic De-Escalation
 • 'Shoot / No Shoot' simulator scenarios
 • Marksmanship Qualification

Awareness Analytics is all about empowerment.  We provide firearm training, continuing education, and simulator experiences to any eligible person regardless of background or political view.  From classroom theory to hands-on... If you're serious about wanting to learn, we're serious about helping you do it.

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