Let’s face it… a standardized classroom environment isn’t always a good match for everyone.  When it comes to learning style, familiarity & comfort level, proficiency, and even the purpose for having them, everyone’s situation with firearms is different.  Plus, the self-imposed pressure to do well in front of others can be overwhelming – sometimes preventing meaningful gains in knowledge and skills improvement.  This situation is perfectly natural and 100% okay.  What’s important is that you’re here.

This service is much like the Enhanced Training option, except that the training subjects covered are conducted one-on-one with you and are specifically tailored to your unique situation and need.

For the new crowd, there’s nothing wrong with being nervous around guns - especially when there’s been bad prior experiences or few opportunities for learning and familiarization.  We’ll get you through the basics and, when you’re ready for the next step, we’ll be there to get you through that, too.  The established firearm owners can expect to add complimentary skills to what they already know or to expand their knowledge into new areas they haven’t yet explored.  Advanced persons are usually already in a good place overall.  Their needs are often limited to addressing a single aspect of training such as multiple target engagement, transitions and malfunctions, equipment and ergonomics, etc.

The more experienced and knowledgable you become, the more empowered and confident you are.  Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to create a training program exclusively for you!

Private Training Investment
• 1 to 2 persons - $87.50/hr with one instructor*
• 3 to 4 persons - $175/hr with two instructors*
(*4-hour minimum)

Awareness Analytics is all about empowerment.  We provide firearm training, continuing education, and simulator experiences to any eligible person regardless of background or political view.  From classroom theory to hands-on... If you're serious about wanting to learn, we're serious about helping you do it.

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